Overcome all your intimacy issues – Few tips from experts

What if your soul and heart have got a deep desire for intimacy but you always fear to become intimate with someone? You will probably do anything to push that person away in spite of your heart wanting to give way. You are always involved in the game called tug-of-war where you either get close with someone or move away. But did you ever think about the reason why you would be scared about something that you deeply yearn for? Read on to know more on the fear of intimacy and check out e-counseling.com to know how a counselor can help you deal with such an issue.

The major fear of intimacy – What makes you so scared?

Whenever you were growing up, there must have been times when you felt pretty close to someone, it may be a friend or a sibling or a parent. Did anything happen between you both which hurt you badly? Did the opposite person reject your judgments, anger, withdrawal and criticism? Did the person ditch you or even die? Did you have to surrender yourself in order to keep the relationship? Such claustrophobic relationships will paralyse you both mentally and physically.

How to heal such intimacy issues

The fear of incurring insurmountable loss is the main thing behind the fear of intimacy. In case you don’t have faith on yourself and you don’t believe that you could recover from such a loss, you will gradually become vulnerable to your own self. Here are few ways in which you can deal with such intimacy issues.

  • Show your willingness to bear with pain

Feelings are all informational and when you let yourself know whether or not you love your own self, you will understand when other people love you and who else are controlling you. Follow your breath to embrace all sorts of feeling in a compassionate manner.

  • Have the intention of learning

If you wish to protect yourself, you can either avert taking responsibility of things or take resort to different forms of controlling and addictive behavior. During such a state, you should invite your inner self to your heart and constantly open loving yourself.

  • Take small loving gestures

Now that you have opened up your pain and you are gradually moving into learning, this is left back as the dialogue of your feelings. Try and take loving actions so that this can heal you off anxiety and shame. Emphasising on your actions will be one of the best ways of taking a close look at yourself.

Therefore, when you’re wondering about the ways in which you can cure such fear of intimacy issues, you should take into account the above listed points. The above listed ways are the biggest way in which you can get back to normalcy.