The Dark Pleasures Comes with the best Choice

When you have chosen the anal sex toy that suits you, a good first step is to clean yourself at the back so that you are clean and ready for anal stimulation. See if any. When you are ready, you should lubricate yourself and your sex toys well in the anal lube so it will be more comfortable to drive up. It is especially important to use lubricant for anal sex, as the body does not form natural lubricant here. You can. Also use a relaxation spray that will make your anal muscles more relaxed.

The Very Start for You

Start by finding a comfortable position that you can relax in. You can stand on all fours, sit on the back or lie on your back with scattered legs. Hold the bottom of your anal sex toy with the tip toward the anus and a gentle angle to your abdomen and gently push the sex toy up until you feel the tip inside you. Once you get used to the feeling, you can gently push the sex toy up. For these you will need the sex toys for men online.

  • Some people prefer that their anal sex toys be moved, e.g. In and out so it simulates shock, while others prefer their sex toys to rest in them. Try yourself out and see what feels best for you. You can easily enjoy anal stimulation during vaginal intercourse or combine it with other forms of stimulation.
  • When you have finished using your anal sex toys, you should clean it thoroughly. In this way, you ensure good hygiene while the sex toys are ready for use the next time you want to play with it. You can clean the toy in hot water and use Sex Toys Cleaning.

An anal vibrator is a good and exciting supplement for masturbation, foreplay and intercourse, if you remember to use plenty of lubricant. The body does not form a natural lubricant at the back, so sliding cream is essential for a good experience. When choosing a vibrator for anal stimulation, it is important that you choose an anal vibrator designed specifically for anal use. Anal vibrators have a foot or handle that makes it stay where it should be and it is also shaped to fit anal stimulation. This way you avoid possibly. Discomfort and in the worst case stuck. When choosing an anal vibrator, there are three things you should consider:


To ensure that you get a good and comfortable experience with the anal vibrator, it is important to find a size that suits you. If you are new or slightly trained in anal stimulation, we recommend that you choose a small diameter anal vibrator. Then you can always choose a larger anal vibrator when you get used to the feeling of the first. It may be a good idea to measure how large and / or long a vibrator you want by using a few fingers.