The Not-So-Naughty Male Escort

The true life tales of a male escort may not be as X-rated as you’d think. A lot of being one of the UK’s premier male escorts is a much more PG experience, one that you can’t miss.

Sex, money, beauty.Crisp white sheets.The sheen of silk sliding over a hip. The glisten of tight skin stretched over the perfect form of flexed muscle. A whisper.A smile.Fingers gently gliding over cheekbones, only to find themselves sliding along a long neck, past perky breasts round and robust, frolicking lightly across a tight stomach that lifts, barely visible, with the sharp intake of breath.Those fingers, those hands, they continue along their sensuous journey with intentions of finding something more. As the tension builds, two silhouettes start tearing at one another. Neither able to satiate a need fast enough. Quickly, deeply, and again. Two strangers moments ago, and now exploring horizons like experienced lovers.

When we think about “male escorts” most of us think of a slow burn between sheets. As it turns out, the world of male escorts may not be all pounds and… well, pounding… We spoke to one of London’s premier male escorts and found that it’s rarely like Fifty Shades, and much more Love Actually.

How long have you been an escort?

I became a male escort about 6 years ago, after one of my mates convinced me to post a profile as a laugh. Shortly after my profile was posted, I had quite a few potential clients expressing interest. It just sort of, happened I guess. After my first client,  I knew that this was something I really wanted to make a career out of.

That first appointment, was it hard? Were you nervous?

[Laughs] Yea, I was really nervous, but luckily, that particular client was a veteran. I mean, she had experience with male escorts before and knew I was new to the industry. She was amazing, and she taught me one of the most important things that I have ever learned in this business: It’s not about the money, and it’s not about the sex.

Wait…. What?

Exactly! I think that was my exact reaction at first. But, honestly I think that’s actually the part of being a male escort that kept me coming back. It wasn’t the sex and the money, it was the intimacy. These women, my clients, these women that I spend time with are incredible people. They’re are just as individual as their needs, some only want sex, but even they are entirely inspiring in themselves. Most clients just want someone to genuinely talk to, someone that will show up and treat them the way they want to be treated.

So what is your average client like?

There really is no average. I guess the usual age range is somewhere between 30 and 60. Most clients book my services for a minimum of three to four hours. For most male escorts it’s rare to book an hourly appointment. As far as what clients prefer we do, varies hugely. Some of my clients just like me to take them out to a nice dinner, or show them around London. Others prefer something a little more wild and we’ll go out to some nice bars or to clubs. I’ve been flown to different countries for weekends with clients. One particular client booked me solely to be her date at a wedding to piss off her ex. It’s really rare to see a woman that just wants to show up, have sex, and leave. One of my regular clients books me for all of her work functions, so I’ve had to learn quite a bit about her line of work in order to be able to engage with other partygoers.

So, you actually study for dates?

Absolutely! Generally during our initial correspondence, usually via email, we plan out a ‘script’ for the date. So the client gets a chance to tell me what it is she’s looking for, where we’ll go, what she needs from me. Even through emails I get a feel for the type of person she is and what she’s genuinely looking for. The rest of the appointment usually just flows. Especially when there’s a hotel room involved, I don’t do in calls, I always feel like it’s better not to script that part, unless there is a very specific type of play that a client wants, I’d rather it flow naturally from reading her.

What’s an ‘in call’ and what exactly is ‘play’?

Sorry, I guess those terms are pretty industry specific [laughs]. There are two types of appointments that male escorts book: in calls and out calls. In calls are where the client comes to you, your house or a hotel of your choosing. Out calls are when you go to the client. I prefer to do out calls because I can get a better sense of who my client is and what they want. With in calls, it’s all about me and what I want, and that’s not what I want [coy, boyish grin]. Play is basically a term for what type of sexual fantasy the client requests. There’s all types: ranging from something really natural and sweet, to some BDSM, to role playing, food, fetishes… there’s a ton of things that people want to explore. I just think it’s a lot easier for women to explore their sexual fantasies with a stranger and a professional.

So how long do appointments usually last?

I have a three hour minimum, but that’s one of the perks to being a male escort, you can design your own hours, menu, and prices. I just felt like when I booked anything under three hours, appointments would constantly run long. It’s really awkward to be having a genuinely great time, and then have to ask for additional payment. It breaks the moment and you lose that storyline that’s great for both the client and myself. So three hours turned out to be the best minimum. My maximum is close to indefinite [there’s that smile again], and I negotiate prices based on an all inclusive fee, as opposed to an hourly rate.

So far, what’s been your favorite date?

A lady never asks, and a gentleman never tells. [laughs] Honestly, I think it would be really hard for me to pick a favorite. I’ve been flown to the US, Malta, Ibiza, and the Maldives. Destination bookings for male escorts are really incredible, but in all seriousness, so are my regular out calls. I just really love getting to spend time with clients. I love getting to treat these women in the ways that they deserve, but can’t seem to get elsewhere. Being a gentlemen, for me, is the good part. Watching a woman’s face light up with satisfaction and appreciation is the greatest part of my job. I love being able to have no-boundaries conversation with these women, getting them to open up and explore themselves. It’s all about having a trusting environment. Making them comfortable and happy genuinely makes me happy.

So it’s really not all about the sex then?

[Laughs] No, not at all. When the sex is there, it’s good. Really good. Amazing, actually- but that’s all part of getting to know the client. Making them feel comfortable and learning about what they really want. For women, I think that sex is much more of an emotional fantasy. I have some friends that are female escorts, and it’s really easy for them. Show up, strip, have sex, leave. Usually all it takes is an hour or two. With female clients, it’s so much more than that. It’s not just lewd seduction, it’s about finding out what turns them on and exposing it in a place where they feel at ease being vulnerable. I don’t envy my female co-workers. My favorite part of being a male escort is getting to fall in love with every client I have. I love getting to take the time we have and spend it entirely on them. Shower them with attention and consideration. It leads to the best sex, everytime.

So although it may not all be about steamy shower scenes and the rough and tumble sex we see in movies, it can definitely include those things, if it’s what a client wants. I guess the take away for myself, in writing this article is that a good male escort, is exactly what you want him to be. PG or X rated, the best male escorts know how to work for you.